Taco Jongeneel was born in the year 1949 in room number 9 of the hotel of his grandfather in Nijmegen. Son of a cultural mix of Polish and Portuguese Jews, Protestant Dutchmen and Catholic folks of Brabant (the place where van Gogh lived). In his youth he stayed in the sunny south of the Netherlands in the fast growing city of Eindhoven. After his puberty he had to do some extra classes due to his growing interest in other matters than learning at school. Besides sex, drugs and rock and roll there was the injustice in the world that took his attention. He was participant in the student revolution  that occupied the university of Tilburg; he demonstrated against cruise missiles and against the nuclear powerplant in Mol. He tried to achieve  project education on the university that was linked at the practice. He was managing the union of unemployed and tried to achieve a better coordinated  social work for the youth. As a musician he didn’t succeed because he was too shy. In the industry and provision of services in the region of Eindhoven was enough work so he didn’t have little to peck at. After his pensioning he tried to work the art of Glass fusing, Ceramics, Photography and Writing.